‘Decision to privatise TN Consumer Goods Corp should be abandoned’

Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) leader and Rajya Sabha MP GK Vasan on Saturday insisted that the decision to privatise the Tamil Nadu Consumer Goods Trading Corporation should be abandoned.

“Tamil Nadu Consumer Goods Trading Corporation is celebrating 50 years since its inception. In this case, a news has come out that out of 21 state-owned modern rice mills, 12 state-owned modern rice mills will be privatised. The news that the consumer goods trading company, which is in direct contact with the people, will be privatized, has created a lot of fear among the people and among the workers of this company,” he said.

He added, “If a consumer goods corporation that directly serves the public is privatised, there is a high possibility of administrative problems and corruption. Therefore, the government should consider the demand of the workers to abandon the idea of ​​privatisation.”

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